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The Acibadem Bursa Stop of a Voyage that started in Algeria and ended in Turkey.

My name is Anour Koutchoukali. Although it seems foreign, my name is pronounced as Enver Küçükali. I was born in 06 December 1955 in Algeria. My ancestors left this beautiful country in the sixteenth century and migrated to Algeria; and after my retirement, I came to Turkey to research my roots. I fell in love with Bursa that I came for trip purposes and I decided to live here.

When I was wondering in the streets of Bursa one day, I saw a very big hospital and I thought that the proximity of my home would be an advantage for me; but of course, I did not think that I would be in Acibadem so soon.

During the morning of 23 August 2012, I could no longer resist the stomachache that prevented me from sleeping and I came to the emergency department of the Acibadem Hospital. I was very relieved when I was diagnosed with cholecystitis after some examinations; this is because I lost my father in 1986 due to stomach tumor and I had thought about a worse.

I was not worried when Dr. Volkan Tümay said that I had to undergo surgery, as I knew that I was in safe hands. On 30.08.2012, I underwent “Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy” surgery. I stayed nearly ten days in hospital and the conditions were quite good during this period. I was not only impressed with the quality of care but also with their being “humanistic”.

If my health condition requires my hospitalization one day, I will surely deliver myself to Acibadem Bursa.

I once more thank to all employees of Acibadem Bursa. I cannot know how to express my gratitude to everyone.