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Among the primary issues the centre within Acıbadem Atakent Hospital is concerned with is the treatment of urethral strictures in male patients that arise as a result of surgical operations for hipospadias or accidents via endoscopic or open procedures. Furthermore, the centre prodives treatment services for congenital curvature of the penis, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire and infertility as well.


In the treatment of urethral stricture, narrow, short or hairy urinary tracts are reconstructed by creating new urinary tracts using patches obtained from mouth or lips (buccal mucose). Fistula that arise due to previous operations are treated by tissue transfers. Congenital curvatures, shortness or other cosmetical disorders of the penis are among the problems for which treatment service is provided. Erectile dysfunction of men, that arise are a result of prostate surgeries, diabetes and vascular diseases or accidents, are also treated via various methods such as drugs, vacuum, shockwave or prosthesis (joy stick) implantation. In addition, age-related lack of sexual desire (loss of libido) and problems known as “the aging male syndrome” are treated with a joint evaluation of experts from different disciplines. Urination disorders due to enlarged prostate or chronic prostatitis are treated via alternative methods such as ureteral stents, Greenlight, microwave or shockwave treatments. Male infertility is evaluated with hormone disease and IVF experts, then drug therapies or TESE (microscopic TESE) or Epididim aspiration operations are implemented.

Urethral Diseases Centre in Acıbadem