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The da Vinci robot was originally developed by NASA to operate on astronauts in space. Procedures implemented using da Vinci are referred to as 'robotics-aided laparoscopic surgery'.

This is a newly developed advanced surgical method that presents certain benefits over 'open surgery' and 'laparoscopic surgery' which you are probably already familiar with. Acıbadem Hospitals Group takes pride in incorporating advanced medical technologies in patient treatments, and the successful operations performed using the "da Vinci Robotic Surgery Systems".

Acıbadem Hospitals Group is capable of performing surgical operations in a number of fields including in particular, urology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, gynecology and ear-nose and throat specialties, using the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System.

da Vinci Robotic Surgery System allows the surgeon to perform surgery with minimal incision. In addition to three dimensional imaging and advanced technological mobility capabilities, this system also is renowned for its exceptionally high sensitivity. 

Robotic Cardiovascular Surgery
Cardiovascular surgery is among medical specialties which benefits the most from da Vinci surgeries. da Vinci surgeries performed in this field include mitral valve repair, coronary bypass surgeries (particularly, replacement of coronary arteries located on the front surface of the heart), rhythm disorders, right-sided valve repair, repair of heart holes and problems of the right and left atrium. 

Robotic General Surgery
Another medical specialty which widely uses robotic surgery systems is general surgery. As in all other medical specialties, robotic surgery systems produce significant benefits for both the physicians and the patients in general surgery as well. 
Robotic colorectal surgery: da Vinci is used for surgical treatment of several colorectal diseases including colorectal cancers (cancers of the colon and the rectum), diverticulitis and inflammatory intestinal diseases.  Particularly in rectal surgery, it enables preservation of the nerves located near the area that is being operated on. 

Robotic Obesity Surgery
The thick fat layer found in obese patients may sometimes limit the surgeon's intervention capability, making it more difficult to perform the desired operation. Robotic surgery systems not only facilitate surgical operation on obese patients in this regard, but they also offer shorter recovery periods.  

Gastric bypass surgeries, which are acknowledged as the golden standard in obesity surgery, are among surgical operations for which da Vinci is widely used. This procedure aims to decrease stomach capacity and additionally, to reduce absorption of food and nutrients by partially bypassing the intestines. 

Robotic Gynecology Surgery
Cancer operations, removal of uterus, removal of large-sized myoma and other similar operations of gynecologic surgery are successfully performed using the da Vinci system, since 2005. 

Robotic Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
Today, da Vinci is successfully used in ear, nose and throat surgery and head and neck surgery. The method referred to as TORS (Transoral Robotic Surgery); allows the surgeon to remove benign or malignant tumors from the mouth, larynx, tongue and tonsils. 

Robotic Thyroid Surgery
Surgical operations performed on thyroid gland located on both sides of the trachea can be an aesthetic concern for patients due to post-operative scars on the neck. da Vinci surgical system enables access to the thyroid through the armpit, allowing the surgeons to perform almost all thyroid operations other than those requiring removal of very large goiters. 

Robotic Urology Surgery
Urology is one of the medical specialties where robotic surgery systems are most widely used. da Vinci is the choice of surgeons in many countries of the world for performing several urological operations, and in particular, radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland). 

Urology operations performed using da Vinci: 
- Robotic prostate cancer surgery 
- Robotic kidney cancer surgery 
- Robotic pyeloplasty  - Ureteropelvic junction obstruction surgery 
- Other operations


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