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At the Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital Pediatric Hand Surgery department, congenital hand differences can be diagnosed and treated.

At the Pediatric Hand Surgery Clinic, services are provided for children’s hand and arm problems. In this scope, congenital hand and arm problems, missing fingers, syndactyly, polydactyly, congenital strokes and deformities as a result of incorrect knitting of bones are treated.
Also fast response can be provided for hand and arm injuries that commonly occur in childhood as well as forearm and elbow fractures.

Congenital Hand Differences
Due to problems in one of the steps that people go through on the way to developing arms, some babies can be born with different hands. While some hand differences are attributed to genetic reasons, many congenital hand differences occur for no particular reason.

Commonly seen congenital hand differences and diagnosis methods
Congenital hand differences can be classified under the different section of missing or extra pieces in the parts that make up the arm, some parts of the hand under or over developing and some parts of the hand being attached.

In one in every twenty births, there are some major or minor hand differences. In order to identify this difference and determine what kind of treatment is needed if any, the child must be examined by a hand surgeon. Other genetic conditions can accompany congenital differences, and such cases may need to be identified with advanced testing and examinations.

Treatment of Hand Differences
The type of hand difference is identified by surgeon examination and a suitable treatment is determined. Excess fingers can be removed by surgery and the fingers can be made more usable if necessary.

In situations that impede hand use, hand functions can be corrected by surgery. Attached fingers can also be separated with pediatric hand surgery.

Sometimes physical therapy is needed to improve function in congenitally different hand cases. Sometimes no intervention is needed at all.

Pediatric Hand Surgery in Acıbadem