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Nutrition and Diet departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group provide services at our hospitals and medical centers. These units offer nutrition and diet services to help create public awareness on the subject of healthy nutrition and to support recovery processes of patients.

Our Nutrition and Diet departments create special nutrition plans for allergies- food intolerances, diabetes and pregnancy as well as weight management programs, and deal with diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders and obesity.

Offering the "Acıbadem" quality to our society under most economical conditions, our Nutrition and Diet departments undertake innovative applications and provide high quality, personalized advanced diagnosis and treatment services.


Nutrition and Diet departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group offers services in the fields of providing appropriate nutrition treatment for diseases, and nutrition of infants, children, adults, seniors and pregnant-lactating women.

Nutrition in Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment services for all outpatients and inpatients of our hospitals and medical centers are planned and implemented in accordance with their respective diseases. We meticulously pursue our patient treatment follow-up procedures, in order to ensure that objectives of the implemented plans and applications are achieved.

Nutrition of Athletes

Sports activities require physical performance. In order to utilize performance at the highest possible level, in addition to regular training, it is also of significance to create and implement a proper nutrition plan comprising high quality food products.

Nutrition and diet specialists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group plan and follow up nutrition of athletes by taking into account their sports branch, body composition measurement results, personal characteristics, and whether they are currently in a growth and development period or not.  Nutrition needs of athletes during the training periods as well as before and after competitions are determined, and their nutrition programs are created accordingly. For more information, please click here...

Nutrition of Pregnant-Lactating Women

Proper and healthy nutrition of women during their pregnancy and lactation is important for health of both the baby and the mother. Avoiding excessive weight gain during pregnancy and ensuring that all nutritional needs of both the mother and the baby are met properly during this process eliminates several health risks. Supporting formation of good quality and adequate amount of milk during the lactation period is of utmost importance for the baby's health. Furthermore, ensuring weight control for the mother during the lactation period is also possible through a healthy nutrition plan. Nutrition and dietetics specialists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group plan and follow-up nutrition for mothers and expectant mothers during these periods, and provide training to ensure that they receive the healthiest nutrition during such periods.

Nutrition in Diabetes

Healthy nutrition forms the backbone of diabetes treatment. Our nutrition and diet specialists provide special nutritional treatment, as well as treatment and follow-up for people with diabetes, in order to avoid complications of the disease, to ensure that the treatment is pursued successfully, and to improve quality of life.

Nutrition of Infants, Children and Adults

Maintenance of optimal health in all ages requires better nutrition through knowledge of nutritional needs of specific ages. With this understanding, nutrition and diet specialists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group apply personalized treatments for individuals and also evaluate this process based on factors of age and periodic conditions.

Weight Gaining Program

Having a body weight of less than that expected for normal height is referred to as being underweight. Weight gaining requires a proper and well-balanced nutritional treatment, and not a nutrition plan comprising randomly selected food items with high calorie content and poor nutritional value. Nutrition and dietetics specialists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group plan and follow-up proper nutritional treatments for underweight patients, by taking into account whether the patients have underlying health problems or not, their body composition measurements, as well as personal and physical conditions. 

Allergies, Food Intolerances and Nutrition

Food allergies influence individuals' lives starting from infancy. Therefore, nutrition of individuals with allergies must be closely monitored starting from early ages. Our nutrition and diet specialists create healthy nutrition plans for individuals, to ensure that food items which are excluded from their diets due to allergies do not cause insufficient or unbalanced nutrition.

Weight Loss - Weight Gaining Management

Today, the condition of being overweight with excessive body fat accumulation, also known as obesity; is acknowledged as a disease that needs to be treated. Obesity, among several other chronic diseases, is a condition that can be treated with a high probability of success. Nutrition and diet specialists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group successfully implement treatments to ensure healthy weight loss, and to treat obesity with diet and behavioral therapies.

Nutrition in Eating Behavioral Disorders

The objective of treatment for eating disorders is to change the deteriorated eating habits for the better, to develop a different approach towards eating, and to establish a new and healthy eating pattern. Dietitians of Acıbadem Hospitals Group play an essential role within a multi-disciplinary team in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of eating disorders; and in support and rehabilitation of patients.

Adequate, Balanced and Healthy Nutrition (Individual Nutrition Consultancy)

In order to ensure that the nutrition plans developed for individuals are healthy, adequate and well-balanced, they must be planned specifically for the individual in question. Each individual has different daily energy and nutritional element needs. Nutrition and diet specialists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group create personalized nutritional programs by taking into account several factors including age, sex, body weight, disease conditions, blood findings, social environment and eating habits.

Weight Protection

Patients who reach their target weight in accordance with their age, sex, health condition, body composition and physical activities are enrolled in a weight protection program, implemented by nutrition and diet specialists of Acıbadem Hospitals Group. This program ensures that the weight that has been lost is not regained, and enables the patient to maintain his/her ideal weight.

Corporate Nutrition

Nutrition and Diet departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group provide menu planning services to ensure healthy, adequate and well-balanced nutrition for corporate employees. The departments recommend ways to improve the quality of food and drink services supplied and follow-up the implementations.

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