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Menopause Clinics of Acıbadem Hospitals Group are staffed by academic members and physicians of gynecology, cardiology, physical therapy and general surgery departments. This allows providing early diagnosis and treatment services for the most important risks that women face in their post-menopausal period, including diseases of the cardiovascular system, osteoporosis and breast diseases; as well as hormone replacement therapy, in a combined manner.


Menopause Clinics of Acıbadem Hospitals Group also provide symptomatic treatment of post-menopausal and perimenopausal complaints, hormonal replacement therapy for patients who experience early menopause or surgical menopause, and monitoring and treatment of post-menopausal patients who are exposed to chemotherapy or radiotherapy due to cancer.

One of the most important aims of post-menopausal treatment is to improve women’s quality of life during this period. Thus, to help patients adjust to treatment and the conditions of their age, conferences addressing post-menopausal women are held throughout the year, where patients are provided with information on their lifestyle requirements and nutritional and exercising needs.

Menopause Clinic in Acıbadem