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Patients whose vital functions have deteriorated to an extent to pose a life threatening risk are referred to as critically ill patients. Embracing a multi-disciplinary approach, Intensive Care Units of Acıbadem Hospitals Group are equipped with advanced technologies that provide life support on a 24/7 basis.

Our hospitals are equipped with general intensive care, neonatal intensive care, coronary intensive care, and cardiovascular surgery intensive care units. Each bed is equipped with an artificial respiration device and monitors to meet all monitoring requirements.  Furthermore, hemodialysis system is available for sudden renal failure. Our facilities are capable of implementing all laboratory tests and imaging techniques to inpatients of our intensive care units, at any time of the day.

Upon their admission to our intensive care units, the required follow-up, treatment and care services for all pediatric and adult critically ill patients are executed by staff members of the related department.


Intensive Care Units of Acıbadem Hospitals Group provide advanced diagnosis and treatment services that can be classified under 5 main topics.

These are;

General Intensive Care Unit

Our "closed" multi-disciplinary intensive care unit, which provides treatment and care for critically ill patients of all age groups excluding newborns who suffer from polytraumas, severe neurological complications, bleeding of the gastrointestinal system, renal failures, intoxication, severe pulmonary diseases, severe infections, patients who are recovering from major surgical operations, patients with organ or multiple organ deficiencies associated with conditions such as severe sepsis and septic shock, offers services on par with international intensive care standards, under the responsibility of intensive care specialists.

Coronary Intensive Care Unit

In addition to close monitoring of sudden-onset heart diseases of critical importance which are likely to cause death of the patient if not treated; inpatients with heart rhythm problems are also monitored with the aid of telemeters at our coronary intensive care unit by a team of specialized nurses and physicians; any health problems which may be encounters are immediately responded to, and treated as needed.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Care services for newborns with critical and severe medical conditions are provided by neonatology and pediatric specialists and nurses of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Specialists of all subspecialties, particularly pediatric cardiology and neurology, as well as pediatric surgery specialists are also involved in treatment of newborns. Our units are equipped with bed-side monitors and capabilities to perform digital x-ray, ultrasonography, ecocardiography, hearing screening and EEG procedures; and are supported by all pediatric subspecialties.

Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit

The unit is equipped with bed-side monitor system that allows constant monitoring of all hemodynamics data of patients who have undergone an open heart surgery or a major vascular surgery.

Intensive Care in Acıbadem