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Headache Clinics of Acıbadem Hospitals Group utilize advanced diagnosis and treatment methods. Our physicians evaluate status of patients who are in pain but not yet diagnosed, or who failed to benefit from previous treatments.


Headache Clinics of Acıbadem Hospitals Group are staffed by neurology specialists. In cases where the physicians suspect other underlying disorders which may be associated with the pain described by the patients, certain tests are requested from the patients.

Treatment of headache requires teamwork. There may be more than one problem that leads to headache. Thus, consultation with other branches which work in close collaboration with the headache unit, such as psychiatry, dental care, maxillofacial surgery, eye care, ear-nose and throat, brain surgery, internal medicine, physiotherapy and pain management departments is provided.

The objective of treatments implemented at Headache Clinics is, in cooperation with the patient, to determine the best treatment for the patient's pain and to alleviate the frequency and severity of headaches. Admission to hospital is rarely needed. It may be required to use the medication prescribed for headache, for several months. Therefore, an effective treatment is only possible to achieve through close collaboration of the physician and the patient. Patients are advised to schedule a revisit within the first 10 days of the treatment, in order to evaluate any side effects and whether the treatment is accurately implemented or not.

During the course of the treatment, patients are asked to fill out pain charts prepared by specialists. This chart, on which daily pain symptoms are recorded, allows the physician to follow-up the course of the treatment.

Headache Clinic in Acıbadem