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Acıbadem Hospitals Group is committed to providing superior service for all emergency care needs, with specialized physicians and highly qualified staff members at its Emergency Services and medical centers.

Family physicians and/or emergency medicine specialist are available at our Emergency Services units.

Related examinations for patients evaluated by members of our Emergency Services unit teams are performed rapidly, and if required upon evaluation of examination results, patients are quickly referred to the appropriate medical unit.

Acıbadem Hospitals Group's primary objective during Emergency Services, is to ensure that the patient receives the most appropriate and effective treatment, on time.

Mobile Health Line: 444 9 724

For more information: Alo Acıbadem 444 55 64


Our ambulance services are provided by Acıbadem Mobile Health Services Inc., a group company of Acıbadem Hospitals Group. Ambulance fleet of Acıbadem Mobile Health Services comprises physicians and medical staff with "emergency" experience, and certified ambulance drivers. Our hospitals have heliports for transport and transfer of patients in emergencies.

Our ambulances serve all our inpatients, and can be reached 24/7 through our Mobile Health Line, by dialing 444 9 724 from all GSM operators, without an area code.

Emergency Service in Acıbadem