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Our Comprehensive Spine Center embraces a patient-oriented treatment approach and provides advanced diagnosis and treatment services. Our physicians, who are specialized in their fields, utilize state-of-the-art devices to provide better outcomes from such diagnosis and treatment services. A multi-disciplinary care that incorporates all related medical specialties throughout the diagnosis and treatment process allows rapid information exchange among units; enabling us to quickly proceed to find the right solution for patients with spinal disorders, without losing valuable time.

Such multi-disciplinary care program incorporates specialists who will provide treatment in conditions that may or may not require surgical intervention, and in conditions that require outpatient care and examination.

What is the procedure followed at the Spinal Health Center?

Through a series of questions asked to the patient within the scope of our triage system, the patient is directed to the unit that he/she should first be visiting. This spares the patient from confusion as to which discipline he/she should be visiting. We listen to the patient's complaints, and conduct all required tests. Our specialized physicians study the source of the disorder and determine the initial treatment method.

In the event that the treatment implemented within the discipline, which the patient has been first directed to, fails to yield desired results; the patient is referred to another discipline, as suggested by the discipline that had implemented the treatment. Thus, treatment of a patient who applies to our units with spinal complaints is pursued, under an integrated coordination among several disciplines within the medical system, until the patient's recovery and subsequent return to normal life. This treatment process requires that the patient is assessed and treated by one or more disciplines. Furthermore, the tests results are conveyed to all units, through a digital network. The patient's health problems are handled through an interdisciplinary collaboration, until they are resolved. Additionally, through multi-disciplinary meetings that are held twice a week with participation of all disciplines, the procedures to be followed for treatment of patients with complicated treatment processes are discussed collaboratively. When required, the condition of our critically ill patients is discussed with spinal specialists throughout the world over the international network that we are a member of, for collaboration purposes, as may be needed.


Our Comprehensive Spine Center puts patient safety first, and pursues evidence-based treatment methods which are formulated and controlled by clinical means. When required, our treatment plans are adjusted and updated by the clinical executive board, based on our experience and the developments in medicine. Using a patient safety card eliminates potential errors during the course of the treatment. Patient safety is our top priority.

We utilize high technology based up-to-date testing and treatment methods for diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

Patient Life Quality Assessment and Record Systems

Life quality and disease related information obtained for each one of our patients through questionnaires on a regular basis is stored in our systems. We maintain objective records on the improvements obtained in the life quality of our patients after their treatment or surgery, as well as the side effects or complications which may be experienced during treatment. Following completion of treatment, we implement short term and mid-term monitoring for patients through periodic follow-up visits, or, periodic questionnaires that we send to our patients. This allows the treatment results the performance of our physicians to be evaluated objectively and provides constant development opportunities for our center and our physicians.

Patient Training

In addition to the information provided by their physicians, we offer additional training for our patients with respect to their diagnosis and treatment. This is of particular importance for patients who are to undergo surgical treatment. Due to excessive work load of physicians, it may not always be possible to discuss every single detail of the procedure to be carried out. Misunderstandings, misinformation and high expectations considerably affect the success of treatment results. Patients who are well informed and trained about their operation, however, have more realistic expectations, which in turn, yields better results. For this reason, our trained staff members will provide you with additional written and visual information about your condition and the surgery that you will be undergoing; and if required, schedule an appointment for you to discuss any further questions you may have with your physicians.

Multi-disciplinary Meetings Throughout the Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Our clinic executive board comprising representatives of each medical discipline meets in quarterly periods and;

- Determines clinical algorithms, or may change the same depending on the outcomes obtained

- Supervises and determines the process for patient referral and triage

- Determines any flaws that may be experienced in inter-disciplinary flow of patients

- Regularly collects statistical data from patient improvement and life quality questionnaires, discusses treatment complications, determines any flaws that may be experienced in treatment and takes the required precautions

- Determines and reviews inter-clinic training programs, scientific research and new techniques

Which Diseases are Treated at Our Center?

Our center provides diagnosis and treatment for all types of spine and spinal cord diseases. Some of the conditions that we provide treatment for, are as follows;

- Pediatric and adult spinal deformities

- Scoliosis

- Kyphosis

- Spondylolisthesis (spinal slippage)

- Spondylolysis (stress fractures)

- Postural deformaties

- Spinal infection

- Spinal injuries - fractures

- Fractures in young patients

- Fractures associated with osteoporosis (bone loss)

- Spinal cord injuries

- Spinal tumors

- Spinal cord tumors

- Lumbar pain and back pain

- Fibromyalgia

- Diseases of the aging spine

- Lumbar pain and neck pain

- Spinal disc herniation and neck herniation

- Lumbar and cervical spinal stenosis (narrow canal)

- Age-related (degenerative) slipping of lumbar vertebrae

Other Services Provided by Our Center

Within the scope of our social responsibility program, one of our focuses is organizing public training programs and seminars on spinal health and diseases. In this context, we organize public training and awareness raising meetings, and prepare visual and written materials to distribute.


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