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Going beyond standard check-up programs that are implemented based on gender and age group, hospitals and medical centers of Acıbadem Hospitals Group determine the risks that are specific to you, by taking into account the information that you provide on factors such as your lifestyle, personal conditions, habits, expectations and your family's medical history; and offer check-up programs that align with your priorities.


Immediately after your consultation with your physician at any check-up center of Acıbadem Hospitals Group, the tests to be carried out are determined and if required, other units are consulted. You are then directed and checked as required, in line with the results obtained from this method which we refer to as Health Risk Assessment.

Unlike standard check-up programs, the Health Risk Assessment method ensures that more detailed examinations are performed within the scope of a program that is determined depending on the risks which are associated with you.

Following implementation of the check-up program, all records pertaining to your health are stored and you may contact your family physician any time for follow-up of your health condition.

Check-Up Center in Acıbadem