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The Department of Cardiac surgery "St. Ilija" is built according to the latest standards and applying advanced technology. It offers a professional approach in treating patients and best heart care in order to meet the specific needs and requirements of patients. The Department is designed and built in accordance to US standards and offers a full range of cardiac interventions. The specialized professional team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, cardiovascular perfusionists, nurses, physiotherapists and attendants is led by Prof. Dr. Salis Tadzher- founder and head of the department, with more than 30 years of medical experience.

The Department consists of intensive and semi-intensive care units, 2 operating rooms, a ward and an outpatient clinic. Its success in the past is a result of continuous investment in education and training. In addition to cardiac team meetings and daily morning meetings, presentations and forums with doctors from other departments are being organised. Such partnership of experts is open to foreign cardiologists and other specialists in order to endorse a collaborative approach to patient-oriented care. Training of the team working with Prof. Dr. Salis Tadzher, started in Israel and continues today through daily activities at the Department.

The list of cardiac interventions includes:

• Coronary bypass surgery (CABG, MIDCAB, OPCAB)
• Reimplantation and remodeling of the aortic valve (David I, II)
• Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement (Open heart operation or minimum invasive approach)
• Tricuspid valve repair and replacement
• Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections

Interventions / surgical procedures

At the Department of cardiac surgery performs, we perform a full spectrum of cardiac interventions, from routine operations to the most complex open heart procedures. The team is trained and prepared to perform the most complex and difficult interventions, maintaining mortality rate at global level. The performance and statistics successes are a result of the unified approach, of teamwork, dedication and cutting-edge equipment.

Minimum invasive cardiac surgery

One of the key successes of the Department of cardiac surgery at the "Acibadem Sistina" Clinical Hospital is the introduction of minimal invasive cardiac surgery. For the first time in the region, in December 2011, a heart surgery was performed by applying the minimum invasive approach. It is a procedure performed via a small incision in the chest of only 5 cm in width, through which specialized surgical instruments and a video camera are inserted into the patient's chest. This intervention significantly reduces the trauma compared to conventional open heart surgery. Minimal invasive heart surgery has already been listed as a routine procedure at our hospital. After a 5 days hospital stay with no complication, all patients operated by minimal invasive approach, return to their daily activities.

Individualized approach to treatment

The individualized approach to treatment of patients has been accepted as a standard at the hospital. It starts by meeting with the patient, in order to apply the most appropriate surgical procedure and treatment. It continues with superior surgical procedure and is completed with planning and implementation of appropriate rehabilitation programme. Our goal is to educate patients. We believe the treatment outcome is better and the rehabilitation faster when patients understand their disease, their health condition and treatment options. Distinctive for this department is the "open door policy" - an open interactive approach introduced by Prof. Dr. Salis Tadzher. Every patient is provided, at any time, with advice or an opinion on their condition or on a specific problem. This approach laid the foundation of professional health care, successful treatment results and satisfied patients.

Future plans of the department

The future plans of the department are focused on:
• Investment in new equipment for minimum invasive interventions
• Introduction of new technologies for aorta surgeries
• New equipment for cardiac arrhythmia surgery
• Introduction of the latest heart failure program and implantation of a centrifugal blood pump in patients with cardiomyopathy (left/ right ventricular assist device: LVAD/ RVAD). By implementing this programme, our center will be the only one in the region providing superior service and solution for patients suffering from heart failure.

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