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Perinatology and High Risk Pregnancies Center

In Center for Perinatology and High Risk  Pregnancies of the Acıbadem Healthcare Group, prevention, scanning, early diagnosis and treatment of all diseases and cases originated from the mother and fetus are performed during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy periods.

In our center; pre-conceptional (pre-pregnancy) counselling, evaluation of fetus DNA from mother’s blood, double test, triple test, quad test or serial biochemistry tests, special detailed anatomy evaluation for every trimester are conducted and detailed fetal heart evaluation is performed.

Unique Maternal Fetal medical applications like primarily multifaceted procedures such as radiofrequency and vaginal birth and caesarean operations with high risk; invasive diagnosis interventions such as fetal echo, chorion villus biopsy, amniocentesis and fetal blood sampling in different weeks of the pregnancy; fetal blood transfusion, amniotic shunt application such as lung, urinary tract, balloon applications in main cardiac veins, all multiple pregnancy follow-ups, laser in specific twin pregnancies, are performed by Perinatology Experts.


Following Cases from Previous Pregnancies:
• Stillbirth or newborn death Thromboemboli
• Recurrent miscarriages
• Preterm Delivery
• Infants with anomaly
• Low or high birth weight
• Hospitalization in last pregnancy due to the progress (high blood pressure etc.)
• Uterus and birth canal operations other than C/S
• Cervical cerclage – cervix suture
Following Cases during Ongoing Pregnancy
• Multiple pregnancies
• Adolescent or elderly maternal age
• Blood incompatibility
• Recurrent vaginal bleeding
• Amniotic fluid disorders
• Fetus growth deficiency
• High blood pressure
• Deep anemia
• Pelvic mass
Following Cases during General Medical Progress:
• Pregnancy and systemic diseases (diabetes, thyroid, renal, cardiovascular diseases etc.)
• Being carrier and other genetic disorders
• Severe addictions
• Risky situations emerged during routine follow-up
• Non-classified/idiopathic physician references

Perinatology and High Risk Pregnancies Center in Acıbadem