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Organ Transplantation Centers

Organ Transplantation Centers of Acıbadem Hospitals Group is capable of performing the following organ transplant operations;

Acıbadem International Hospital / Kidney transplant

Acıbadem Bursa Hospital / Kidney and liver transplant

Acıbadem Atakent Hospital / Kidney and liver transplant

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital / Adult bone marrow transplant

Acıbadem Adana Hospital / Pediatric bone marrow transplant

Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital / Pediatric and adult bone marrow transplant

Supported by laboratory services of Acıbadem Labcell, our Organ Transplantation Center operates at international standards and serves patients covered by the national social security system as well.

Organ Transplantation Process

1. The process begins with an appointment; whereby, you will be directed to our Organ Transplant Coordinatorship.

2. You will be provided with information on the available options and conditions for organ transplantation.

3. If you have potential live donor candidates among your family or friends with matching blood types, you and your donor candidate will be evaluated based on the results of preliminary examinations (blood type, LCM test, physical examination by the nephrology and general surgery units).

4. If the results are positive, you and your donor candidate will be admitted to the hospital (for further detailed medical examinations).

5. If the preparative regimen implemented during your hospitalization indicates that you have no conditions which may interfere with organ transplantation and that no medical complications which may put the live donor candidate's health at risk are detected; your organ transplantation surgery will be performed.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

Bone Marrow Transplantation

The bone marrow transplantation program implemented by Acıbadem Bone Marrow Transplant Centers provides advanced treatment options for both autologous and allogeneic transplants. In addition to transplants from allogeneic donor sources, transplantation of fully-compatible or partially-compatible stem cells taken from siblings or unrelated donors are also performed. The ability to use partially-compatible (haploidentical) family members, typically the mother, father or children as stem cell donors with the aid of special techniques used for transplantation, has eliminated the problem of finding donors with matching tissue type to a great extent, particularly after the year 2012.

Collection of bone marrow and stem cells, depletion and processing of the collected cells are carried out in laboratories which are specifically designed for this purpose and which possess cGMP accreditation certificate.

Our inpatient unit handles transplant procedures and outpatient clinic provides post-transplant care services.

Laparoscopic (Minimally Invasive) Kidney Transplantation

Laparoscopic surgery is implemented as a completely closed procedure; whereby, the donor's kidney is removed through an incision of 5cm. This method produces shorter recovery periods for both the donor and the recipient. Donors who undergo laparoscopic surgery are often able to return home in 1 day; the recipients are often able to go home in about a week.

Liver Transplantation

Acıbadem Organ Transplantation Center performs liver transplantations from both living donors and deceased (cadaver) donors. We implement orthopedic liver transplantation, which is referred to as the "golden standard" of these surgical procedures. Using this method, the renal veins are cuffed for protection prior to the removal of the kidney, and transplantation is performed thereafter. This procedure requires a team of professionals, and equipment with high technical capacity. As in all organ transplantations, liver transplantation surgery must be performed in hospital operating rooms that are equipped with all technical requirements. 

Liver transplantation from a live donor involves implanting half of the donor's kidneys to the recipient. Naturally, this presents a technically challenging operational process. Following the transplantation, live donors are able to return home in 6-7 days, and the recipients are able to return home in 15-20 days.

Organ Transplantation Centers in Acıbadem