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Acıbadem Healthcare Group put its 22nd hospital into service. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, which was built at an investment cost 200 million USD, started to admit patients on March 14th, 2017. The hospital, which is a facility that will remain in the limelight for a long while for features such as an original architecture and specialized services, draws the attention with the Triple-Unit Hybrid Operating Room System which, as a first in the world, combines three different advanced diagnosis methods. The hospital, which also has the latest diagnosis and treatment technologies such as the Gamma Knife ICON and Robotic Angiography, has many specialized centers such as the advanced Oncology Center in Turkey, as well as Brain Surgery Center, Cell Therapy Center and Robotic Surgery Center. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital has an original structure that can be described as a first” in hospital architecture by means of features such as intensive care units with special waiting areas for patient relatives and the comprehensive pediatric clinic in Turkey.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group put its 22nd hospital into service in Altunizade, a district which is being rapidly developed and modernized. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, which has been designed to bring a breath of fresh air to the profile of the Altunizade region, is the first “private hospital” to have the largest indoor area with a capacity of 350 beds and a surface area of 98.000 square-meters, in not only Istanbul but also the rest of Turkey as well.  The hospital, which provides its services with a capacity of 18 operating rooms, 75 intensive care beds and a parking area for 550 vehicles, was opened on March 14th.

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital was designed with the aim of making the facility a brand new reference center in not only Istanbul but also the rest of Turkey through its technical infrastructure, medical technologies, range of services and qualified healthcare professionals in all specialties.

The hospital, which is also planned to be a new center of attraction for medical tourism, will include a “Health Point” for international patients and provide many specialized services such as waiting areas and transfer utilities.

An architecture devoted to maximizing patient comfort through minimizing the need to travel in the building

In Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, where patient comfort has been taken to highest level by means of a special architecture, it is ensured for patients to save time through minimization of their need to travel within the facility. Many specialized centers and polyclinics of the hospital, such as the Breast Clinic, Spine Center, Neurosciences Center and Opthalmology Clinic, ensure for examinations, diagnoses and treatments to be planned and performed on the same floor.  This enables patient to receive services comfortably and in a shorter duration.

Sterilization procedures that create a difference in hygiene

In the hospital, all measures have been taken in order to ensure compliance with hygiene standards in every area, ranging from the operating room to the departments themselves. Even the door handles of patient rooms have a feature that enables to disinfect themselves by disrupting the enzymes of microorganisms that may be transmitted through hands. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital is a pioneer of new innovations in surgery sterilization procedures as well. A special supply area located in the operating room, which is a first in Turkey, enables all required medical materials and surgical implements to be directly conveyed to the operating room through a highly hygienic compartment. This eliminates sterilization risks that arise from intermediary processes. The cycle for the surgical implements used during operations, which includes their return to the sterilized storeroom, is tracked systematically through a special software. Furthermore, the operating rooms are equipped with the Ultraclean system and as a result, have an air that is cleaner than that of conventional operating rooms by 34 times.

An Advanced Oncology Center in Turkey

The Oncology Center of the hospital, which was designed to meet each and every need of cancer patients, has the most developed cancer treatment center structure in the entire country. All oncological treatments at the center are provided with the most advanced medical methods and technologies in the fields of surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology.  The center is equipped with radiotherapy devices of newest technology, such as Gamma Knife ICON which is a first in Turkey for treatment of brain tumors, Truebeam which is used for treatment of all body tumors, and TomoTherapy which can administer treatment with the feature of imaging via 360-degree rotation.

Triple-Unit Hybrid Operating Room System

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital will be providing services with a hybrid operating system which is connected to three operating rooms and integrates three different diagnosis units (3 Tesla MRI, 128-Slice CT and Robotic Angiography devices) in these operating rooms. This structure provides guidance to surgeons by producing images of the patient during procedures in fields such as neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic surgery and otorhinolaryngological surgery (maxillofacial surgery), and increases the success rate of treatments

Intensive care services that will create a difference!

The specialized intensive care units, which offer services with a specialized infrastructure, equipment of advanced technology and a total capacity of 75 beds, consist of the newborn (23 beds), pediatric (14 beds), coronary (8 beds), cardiovascular surgery (7 beds) and general intensive care (23 beds) departments.

These intensive care units, which also include waiting, information and resting areas for patient relatives, have study areas with computers and internet connection as well. Furthermore, the newborn intensive care unit includes a training room for purposes of providing information to mothers.

A Comprehensive Pediatric Clinic in Turkey

By means of a concept which was designed specifically for children, the mother and baby-friendly hospital has a comprehensive pediatric clinic that provides services virtually in the same fashion as a pediatric hospital. The clinic, which has an entrance separate from the other hospital entrances, also has separate waiting rooms for healthy and unhealthy children. The pediatric clinic has all sub-specialties that are required for treatment of pediatric diseases. Other specialized departments that are exclusively for children are the Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Polyclinic and Pediatric Dental Healthcare Centers.

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, in which every aspect of comfort has been taken into consideration for child patients, the emergency department also has a special examination area that is separated from the area for adults.

Multi-functional Emergency Department

The Emergency Department of Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital was designed to provide all required services, including emergency response through air and land ambulances, as well as outpatient emergency response. The Emergency Department, which has been designed with a multi-functional structure that includes decontamination, reanimation, emergency response, radiographic imaging and observation rooms, also has an operating room for emergencies that require surgery.



  • Prism 3 Tesla MR: Prism 3 Tesla MR, which is a new imaging technology to be applied for the first time in Turkey, will be used in scientific research via its different properties.
  • 3 Tesla Skyra MRI: The movement flexibility of this device, which is used particularly for neurology, prostate and orthopedics examinations, makes it easier for patients to be positioned. The technology of the device, which makes it possible for thin-slice, high resolution images to be produces, can be used in detection of even small lesions.
  • 1.5 Tesla Aera MRI: This MRI technology, which prioritizes patient comfort and increases clinical diversity of methods by means of its wide tunnel diameter and silent sequences, can be used to perform all standard MRI examinations such as the ones for brain surgery, oncology and orthopedics.
  • FORCE CT: This is an imaging technology which is used particularly safely on child patients and can provide high resolution images with a low dose of radiation.
  • SPECT CT: SPECT CT technology, which is used in the field of nuclear medicine to produce images via gamma rays, has the capacity for more comfortable imaging in a wider area when compared to conventional CT (computed tomography) devices.
  • DSA Angiography: This brain angiography method, which provides detailed images of blood vessels, is used in both diagnostic and interventional procedures. The method can be used for aneurysms, AVM treatment, stenting and blood clot removal in stroke cases.


  • Gamma Knife ICON: Gamma Knife ICON technology, which will be used in Turkey for the first time, makes it possible for patients suffering from brain tumors and AVMs to receive outpatient radiotherapy without need for hospitalization and long surgical operations.
  • TomoTherapy: The TomoTherapy device, which can apply treatment helically by rotating 360 degrees during the procedure, makes it possible for tumors with sizes of over 40 mm to be treated ina single session.
  • TrueBeam: TrueBeam, which has been accepted as a precise and swift irradiation method in radiotherapy, protects healthy tissues and can irradiate small tumors directly.
  • da Vinci: Robotic surgery makes it possible for obesity, cancer, gynecology and general surgery procedures to be performed with small incisions and much less blood loss.


  • 3 Tesla Intraoperative MR: This technology makes it possible for MRI to be performed during operations on all tumors in the body, brain tumors in particular.
  • Sliding-Gantry CT: Sliding-Gantry CT technology, which is a first in Turkey, makes Computed Tomography possible during surgeries.
  • Robotic Angiography: This technology ensures for angiography to be performed much more conveniently by means of the feature that enables adjustment according to varying patient positions during the procedure.



  • Oncology Center
  • Neurosciences Center
  • Breast Clinic
  • Ortopedics and Traumatology Center
  • Interventional Neuroradiologic Surgery Center
  • Robotic Surgery Center
  • Lymphedema Center
  • Physiotherapy Center
  • Cell Therapy Center
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Center
  • Oral and Dental Health Center
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Center
  • Angiography Center
  • Radioactive Iodine Therapy Center



  • Trigeneration system: Trigeneration makes it possible for the energy necessary for all three maintenance systems (electricity, heating and cooling) to be acquired from the same source.  When compared to conventional systems, this application both increases energy efficiency and cuts back on costs. In Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital, the first thing that is done is generation of electricity through use of natural gas; following this, the heat that is produced during generation of electricity is used for heating and cooling.

  • The Assistance Service: The Assistance Service, which is a type of smartphone application that guides patients digitally in the hospital, ensures for them to use their time as efficiently as possible.  The application greets patients with a welcome message on entry to the hospital; it guides the patients to the area of their appointment and provides them with the necessary reminders.
  • A shopping point within the hospital: The hospital also includes a store which sells gift items and books and in which patients and their relatives can meet their needs.

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